Fleet Management – A Sensible Investment

What is fleet management? Is it important? Fleet management refers to the overall actions that take place to keep a fleet operating efficiently, on time, and within budget. Fleet management systems and processes assist companies to ensure compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. This generally applies to any operator that uses ten or more vehicles.

Without access to comprehensive fleet management systems, fleet operators and managers simply cannot manage their fleets effectively or efficiently. Fleet management tools can help fleet managers gain real-time visibility into their operations while increasing driver satisfaction and decreasing fuel usage through predictive analytics and accurate reporting. That’s why 75% of fleet managers rely on fleet management software or vehicle telematics to help support their day-to-day operations. (https://www.samsara.com/guides/what-is-fleet-management)

Mauritius-based Ressource Solutions, in association with RS Telematics, provides a fleet management and telematics solution to fleet operators across Africa. According to Johan Pienewald, CEO of Ressource Solutions, “The advantage of our solution stems from the experience gained from the >150 asset optimization and automated fuel management projects we have implemented across Africa since the 1990s.”

Telematics monitors, displays, and communicates a wide range of information relating to an individual vehicle or an entire fleet including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity. The real value comes from full access to utilization records in real-time that are used to improve the productivity of assets and teams. Telematics helps fleet operators to identify, and rectify, inefficient processes and asset deployment.

“Our RS Telematics SaaS Telemetry Platform is fully customizable and supports over 100 devices from more than 40 different hardware providers. Our versatile solution is modular and designed to accommodate the fleet owner’s existing equipment in the most cost-effective way,” concludes Pienewald.

Ressource Solutions has made it their purpose to develop world-class asset optimization solutions that are both cost-effective and user-friendly.

For world-class fleet management solutions visit www.ressource.mu



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