FMS Modernisation – Data Matters

Modern technology plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency, profitability and is synonymous with a myriad of essential business imperatives including communication, data protection, process control, monitoring, decision-making and performance optimization. Using modern, leading-edge asset optimization solutions is vital and an accurate, automated, and integrated fuel management system forms a crucial part of any large-scale asset operator’s asset optimization strategy.

When modernising a fuel management system in operations that use millions of litres of fuel per month, data retention and continued production flow is particularly important.

Ressource Solutions utilizes the PetroMan designed and manufactured three-way communication bridge to achieve this. The design is bespoke, and it can simultaneously interface with multiple communication technologies. These include infrared, magnetic coil and radio frequency.

“This innovation enables the replacement of hardware and software, at filling points, bowsers, vehicles and equipment, in a non-intrusive manner. This means that vehicles and equipment fitted with the new system, as well as those still operating on the current system, are able to interact with the fuel management system at the same time. This allows us to safeguard the data in real-time and ensure that production is not interrupted,” says Hanre Pretorius, CEO, PetroMan SA.

“This modern design also includes bespoke data analysis functionality and the integration, and central consolidation, of data that is typically housed separately by the operation, the fuel provider and other service providers. Since 2017 the percentage of unallocated, and therefore unmanaged, fuel has reduced to the low one percent levels for numerous of our customers,” says Johan Pienewald, CEO, Ressource Solutions.

Ressource Solutions has made it their purpose to develop world-class hydrocarbon management systems that are both cost-effective and user-friendly. As an OEM Ressource Solutions markets its unique fuel management solutions under the PetroMan® brand, providing meticulous, real-time, measuring, and reporting that allows clients to intricately control hydrocarbon quality and usage. Ressource Solutions continually develops and implements robust and up-to-date hardware and software platforms and has supplied FMS solutions to the mining sector, across Africa, since the 1990s.

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