Managing Fuel in Mining across Africa

It is reported that Africa consumes over 4,2 million barrels of oil per day, with 45% being consumed by Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria. (Source). An estimated 630,000 barrels per day (15%) is consumed by the mining industry. This puts the mining industry’s daily requirement across Africa at over 100 million litres per day. With […]

FMS Modernisation – Data Matters

Modern technology plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency, profitability and is synonymous with a myriad of essential business imperatives including communication, data protection, process control, monitoring, decision-making and performance optimization. Using modern, leading-edge asset optimization solutions is vital and an accurate, automated, and integrated fuel management system forms a crucial part of any large-scale […]

Automated Tank Gauging is Level-headed

Tank gauging systems are used to measure levels in mobile and bulk tanks to quantify the product quantity, mass and, to a lessor extent, quality in the tanks. There are numerous methods to measure levels and other liquid characteristics. The appropriate measurement technique and types of probes used depend on the type of tank, the […]

Fleet Management – A Sensible Investment

What is fleet management? Is it important? Fleet management refers to the overall actions that take place to keep a fleet operating efficiently, on time, and within budget. Fleet management systems and processes assist companies to ensure compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. This generally applies to any operator that uses ten or more vehicles. […]

A Conversation about Connectivity, Data and Reporting

Q: When it comes to fuel management, what is all the fuss about connectivity? A: For a fuel management system to add real value there needs to be smooth integration the client’s ERP system. Q: What does that mean? A: Proper integration ensures that the data interacts seamlessly with ERP systems, which allows clients to […]

Simple, affordable Nozzle Security System Now Available

Due to fleet size and usage requirements, effective nozzle security has long not been a warranted or viable solution for operators of smaller fleets. Ressource Solutions has changed the status quo. Most industrial users of large quantities of fuel will tell you that their most pressing fuel-related issue is the price of fuel. If you […]

A Conversation about Fuel Management

Q: What is automated fuel management? A: Automated fuel management systems (FMS) are designed to monitor and control fuel consumption within fleets. They accurately measure and track fuel inventories, decanting, and dispensing. Data is then integrated into ERP systems and useful information is reported to management. Q: Why is automated fuel management important? A: Reducing […]

Asset Monitoring in Trackless Mobile Mining Equipment

A trackless mobile machine means any self-propelled mobile machine that is used for the purpose of performing mining, transport, or associated operations underground or on the surface at a mine. A trackless mine has no rails. In such mines, rubber-tired vehicles operate independently of tracks and are used for haulage and transport.   In trackless […]